Token Sale

Fundraising Conditions
  • Token Name: BAIP
  • Volume: 1 000 000 000
  • Tokens on ICO sale 700 000 000 BAIP (70%)
  • Hard Cap: $38M
  • Soft Cap: $4M
  • Presale Bonuses: Current Bonus Information is available on the homepage
  • BAIP Price: $0.06
  • Minimum Investment Amount: 100 BAIP
  • Presale Contributions: ETH and BTC
  • Token sale Contributions: ETH and BTC
  • Tokens Private Sale ICO Date: September 25 2018
  • Tokens Private Sale End: October 1 2018
  • Tokens Pre-Sale ICO Date: October 1 2018
  • Tokens Pre-Sale End: November 20 2018
  • ICO Sale Dates: Right after the public Pre-Sale ends
  • ICO Sale End: December 25 2018 or allocated tokens are sold out

If the crowdsale reaches the minimum amount (noted below), then the tokens are not refundable once delivered. Upon reaching the goal (Hard Cap) the sale will stop and no more contributions will be accepted. If the minimum goal for the crowdsale (Soft Cap) is not reached Contributors will be refunded. All unsold tokens will be burned.

Pre-Sale Period

The Investment Window information is available on the home page along with bonus details and a countdown timer to the opening. Investors can contribute with ETH or BTC but must sign up an account on the BlockAIp website ( prior to contributing.

Token Distribution
  • 70% of the total amount of tokens created will be available from private sale until the public sale ends (see above)
  • 15% of all tokens created will be reserved for team members and will be locked for 3 years
  • 10% of all tokens created will be owned by our early investors. We only select early investors who are able to provide strategic support to the BlockAIp platform and the digital and creative communities
  • 5% of all tokens created will be allocated for bounty and airdrop program. The BlockAIp platform will use the tokens from the bounty to reward all the people who make significant contributions that help the BlockAIp platform and the community
  • As the ICO ends, all unsold tokens will be burned. At this stage, the token is already available for reservation on the official website
Funds Distribution
  • 60% of the fund raised during the Crowdsale will be directed to the development and launch of the BlockAIp exclusive social and media platform and its web and mobile applications, tools for content creators, personalization algorithms, and other necessities
  • 25% will be distributed to the product marketing campaign. This amount will cover ongoing community building events and tools to reach the general public via traditional marketing channels and to build key partnerships with large businesses in creative industries to access a large number of potential users
  • The remaining 15% will cover other operational and legal costs. The funds will be used for ensuring platform security, hiring legal counsel, and other day-to-day administrative operations in order to safeguard that the entire operation process continues to run smoothly as the network expands. We will place much of our focus on operational processes and the employment of additional operation-related staff/managers